Shifty Chevre is about the rustic, the humble, the homely and the delicious. Our cheese and wine is world class, predominantly Australian and French imported, but we want to de-fancy it. Our cheeseboards try to explain what that unpronouceable French cheese actually is and why it tastes good with that wine. 


What is cheese without wine? We have matched cheeses with wines, as well as cheese matched with beers and with whisky. Our idea of a good time is a wedge of cheese, a gurgle of plonk and a few friends, looking out on the antics of Brunswick St. 


Shifty is so much more than just a cheesebar... Our full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu is built upon cheese and is what happens when a French trained chef is put in a cheesebar and told to create...

Roasted cheese. Grilled cheese. Melted cheese. Baked cheese. Fried cheese. Stringy o.m.g. it's everywhere cheese.